Measuring and improving health care across Australia

The Fourth Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation examines variation in healthcare use according to where people live. Designed to help healthcare professionals and managers to improve outcomes, the atlas covers 6 areas: early planned births; chronic disease and infection; ear, nose and throat surgery in children and young people; lumbar spinal surgery; gastrointestinal investigations; and medicines use in older people. 

Biotext’s content designers conducted analysis, user research and testing to inform the development of this data-rich website.

We reviewed and analysed the previous version of the website from the perspective of web best practice in content, structure and functionality, and reviewed analytics data to gain insights into user journeys and top tasks. We conducted interviews and remote moderated usability testing sessions with users to gain an in-depth understanding of user needs, including how users find and navigate the website, and how they interact with the data. We delivered a comprehensive report on our key findings, insights and recommendations to improve user experience.

Finally, we developed content for the new website to meet user needs, focusing on readability and accessibility.