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Breaking news: a new Australian content resource

In early 2024, AMOS will become the Biotext content manual – Australia’s largest and most comprehensive content resource.

Features of the new manual:

  • It’s free – no more renewals or logins, simply an open-access resource for everyone.
  • It retains all the information in the current manual – providing clear guidance about writing, editing and style.
  • It provides new information about content – including content strategy, accessibility, content design and data visualisation.

    New subscribers or those renewing their subscriptions before 2024 will be given a price reduction during the changeover period.  From 1 September 2023 to 31 December 2023, the price of AMOS will be $22. After that, AMOS will be free until decommissioned in early 2024.

    If you are an existing AMOS subscriber, AMOS will remain available until the Biotext content manual is launched, so you won’t lose access to your comprehensive content guidance. We’ll keep you updated on our new manual’s progress and let you know when it will be launched.