Providing practical, comprehensive online guidance

Developed by Biotext in partnership with Macquarie University, AMOS is an online resource that provides expert guidance to help you to:

  • write and edit for clarity, accuracy and consistency
  • choose the right style for a variety of disciplines
  • create effective tables, graphs, maps and photos
  • learn about data visualisation and infographics
  • write reports, theses, presentations and press releases.

AMOS has been built on the Australian manual of scientific style (AMOSS), which was first published in 2016 by Biotext to meet the need for Australian guidance on scientific style. AMOSS was expanded in partnership with Macquarie University to create AMOS, an Australian resource for anyone writing, editing or producing general or technical information.

AMOS has more than 550 pages of content covering many topics in communication, writing, editing and content design.

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