Questing for clear science

Questacon was undergoing a complete update of their website. It needed a team of professional science writers to redraft and edit the webpages to ensure they aligned with new content and tone of voice guidelines and good web writing practice, in a tight timeframe. Biotext was able to redraft and edit more than 300 webpages within 2 months.

Carrie DeHaan, the Biotext Principal Content Developer who led the project, said that one of the most interesting and rewarding parts of the project was writing and editing the activity pages.
‘It is important that the steps in the activity are really clear, and also that the explanation of the underlying science is accurate and written for the target age group. Our science editors really focused on getting it right. We even tried out some of the activities to make sure we were describing them correctly!’.

Working with Biotext was a calm experience. In spite of a very tight deadline for delivery, the team were able to understand the brief and develop content which met our requirements. Tone of voice was particularly important for our website, and Biotext took the time to understand and apply these principles throughout. The editing process was rigorous, meaning my team had high confidence in the final product. A job well done!

Questacon client