New and updated guidance to help you with all your content needs

Biotext is keen to share our expertise with anyone dealing with content challenges! This week we have published a new article and updated guides in The Mandarin to help you with content development and data visualisation.

Introduction to content strategy

A content strategy is a different approach to content development that moves away from short-term and reactive thinking on ‘how to get this report out the door’ to look at the long-term communication needs of your organisation. Taking this broader strategic view not only makes your content more effective, it also helps to streamline your processes and use your resources wisely.

Why you need to be strategic about content guides you through what a content strategy can do for you, and what is involved in putting one together.

This is the first in a series of articles we are publishing in The Mandarin – look out for the next!

Updated guides

We have updated our quick guides with new information, examples and tips. First developed in 2020, our practical guides help you to achieve great content:

  • A quick guide to effective content takes you through designing and running a content project, and the principles of creating effective content for digital or print.
  • A quick guide to effective data visualisation and infographics explores the importance of data literacy and how to make sure your data and infographics are both accurate and engaging.

The new guides are now available for download through our website or through The Mandarin resource library.