Web Directions 2023

We are thrilled to have been selected to speak at the Web Directions Summit in Sydney in October!

Carrie will be speaking about Content strategy for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences. How do culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities experience and use English-language websites? What’s a strategic approach to language selection? Is machine translation part of the solution? What can you do to ensure that everyone has access to your content? In this talk, Carrie will highlight how to consider CALD communities in a content strategy, using our recent experience in developing a CALD content strategy for Health.

Kylie will be speaking about How embracing complexity can deliver award-winning content. What does embracing complexity look like for content developers and digital teams? As users increasingly look for all types of content to be available digitally, knowing how to make complex content effective will be a key skill. Using the Australian State of the Environment report as a case study, Kylie will discuss how to work with complexity, plan for complex content at the start of a project, and collaborate with digital teams to ensure the final web product is navigable, accessible and interactive for all users.