Advising on climate change

AdaptNSW; National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet, affecting our environment, economy, communities and wellbeing. 

Understanding the current and predicted changes associated with an altered climate can help us to plan ahead and minimise the impacts.

Biotext worked with the NSW Government to update and rewrite the ADAPT NSW website, which is designed to provide information about the likely effects of climate change in New South Wales, and to help state and local governments and communities to take action.

You were all so fantastic to work with – and such a huge part of this incredible collaborative project – so congratulations!

AdaptNSW client on the website’s launch

We are continuing work with the team to develop other communications products, including detailed guidance to help NSW Government agencies to use climate projections in their work (using the climate projections provided through the NSW and Australian Regional Climate Modelling (NARCliM) project). We also completed a content strategy for the NSW Climate Data Portal, to improve the navigation and usability of the site.

Similarly, the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility aimed to educate councils and communities, especially in coastal regions, about adapting to climate change. We worked with the facility to develop a series of CoastAdapt infographics to communicate their key messages, including:

  • why we need to adapt to climate change
  • what we need to think about in adapting to climate change
  • processes that shape our coastlines
  • the effects of sea level rise
  • the options for adapting to sea level rise.

Our role:

Content strategy – we conducted user research and testing with clients and stakeholders to inform the development of an effective content vision and principles, key messages, strategy and workflow.

Content audit and analysis – we analysed existing content, including scientific reports and client drafts, to identify and refine messages and narratives

Writing and editing– we wrote and edited content to explain the science clearly. We also ensured that the content provided clear advice about what to do and actions people can take

Infographics – our editors and designers worked together to explore ways to convey messages visually, and developed an engaging, consistent style to be used across the designs